tuesdays @ 8pm in bu central

we believe in having conversations that matter.

A Tuesday night at Live could look like this: We’ve got coffee and snacks. A band or a musician. A stage. And an emcee. After the performance, a student or a Cru staff person steps up and shares a few thoughts on life, God, culture, relationships, Jesus…you name it. This is the part where you get a chance to share what you think and discuss with a few people around a table. We want this time to be all about having conversations that matter and sharing what you really think. We like the idea that while truth is something we seek outside of ourselves, your journey is your own, and we’re here to help along the way. Come meet people, drink coffee, listen to music, and share your story.

Here at BU, you’ll find students gathering together weekly in life groups. A life group is a group of people who’ve chosen to intentionally do life together. We talk about them being communities of “grace and truth.” What that means is they are places that are safe for you to be yourself, with all your questions and baggage. So that means each of us will be accepted and loved and cared for. But out of that love will come a healthy amount of “truth.” We want to see our lives changed. And so we are committed to challenging each other with what the Bible says.

Time Contact
 Near Warren 
 Women Wed 1  Wed 7-9pm  Sarah
 Women Wed 2  Wed 7-9pm  Tori
 Women  Thursday  Thurs 7-9pm  Norah
 Men Monday  Mon 8-9:30pm  Ethan
 Coed Wednesday  Wed 7-9pm  Sarah
 Bridges Women  Thurs 7-9pm  Sarah
 Near West Campus
 Coed/Athletes  Tues 12-1:30pm  Patty
 Women  Thurs 7:00-9:00pm  Jocette
 Near East Campus  Thurs  Malisa
 Near CFA  Mon 6PM  Norah