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We’re a Christian campus organization and a recognized student group at BU. We believe everyone is on a spiritual journey – some people might be moving toward God, others might be moving away from God, and some people might be somewhere in the middle. Or they may not know where they are! Our goal is to join others on their spiritual journeys. We want to give everyone in Boston the chance to hear the gospel, learn about Jesus, and respond to it. We think that perhaps the best way to hear the gospel is to see it lived out in community. We’d love to have you join us! Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Come to Live, our late-night show to meet others from BU.
  • Get involved in a Life Group so you can build some deeper relationships.
  • Join us at CityWIDE (see below) or the Fall Retreat to connect with hundreds from around Boston.
  • Check out our Facebook Page which is a great place to find out about events like Apple Picking.

Live – Tuesdays

Tuesdays, 8-9:30PM in BU Central (Basement of the GSU)

It’s a late night show, but not really. A Tuesday night could look like this: We’ve got different bands. A stage. And an emcee. And as the viewer in the crowd, you can laugh or not laugh at whatever you want. That’s the late-night show part.

The not late-night show part is when the band and the shenanigans are done, a student or a Cru staff person steps up and shares a few thoughts on Life, God, Culture, Relationships, Jesus…you name it. This is the part that makes you think.

Then when it’s done, we mill around and meet people. And chill. You can expect about 100 people to be there each Tuesday. One of our highest values is the idea that while truth is something we seek outside of ourselves, your journey is your own. We’re here to help along the way.

Note: Live will happen every Tuesday night Fall 2014 through 9/30. Then we will meet around once a month for the rest of the year. Check out our Facebook page for more info about when Live is happening after 9/30.

Life Groups

Here at BU, you’ll find students gathering together weekly in life groups. A life group is a group of people who’ve chosen to intentionally do life together. We talk about them being communities of “grace and truth.” What that means is they are places that are safe for you to be yourself, with all your questions and baggage. So that means each of us will be accepted and loved and cared for. But out of that love will come a healthy amount of “truth.” We want to see our lives changed. And so we are committed to challenging each other with what the Bible says.

Time Contact
 Near Warren 
 Women Wed 1  Wed 7-9pm  Sarah
 Women Wed 2  Wed 7-9pm  Tori
 Women  Thursday  Thurs 7-9pm  Norah
 Men Monday  Mon 8-9:30pm  Ethan
 Coed Wednesday  Wed 7-9pm  Sarah
 Bridges Women  Thurs 7-9pm  Sarah
 Near West Campus
 Coed/Athletes  Tues 12-1:30pm  Patty
 Women  Thurs 7:00-9:00pm  Jocette
 Near East Campus  Thurs  Malisa
 Near CFA  Mon 6PM  Norah


Friday Nights, 7:30-9PM at Park Street Church

Because Boston has so many universities next to each other, we gather together on Friday nights at Park Street Church for a meeting we call “Citywide.” At Citywide, you’ll find a couple hundred students from across the city. There’ll be a great band with students from Berklee and other great music schools, there’ll be a student sharing a little about their life and what’s happening on their campus, and there’ll be a talk by one of our staff. After the meeting, everyone hangs out eating 50 dozen fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. We’ve got parties, dances, and all sorts of fun stuff after the meeting is over. It’s a great way to meet people from other campuses across the city.

To get to Citywide, take the Green line inbound to Park Street and get off. Park Street Church is the church with the huge white and gold steeple that you see right as you walk out. Contact Ethan for more directions, or to connect with other students that go to Citywide together on Friday nights.

Note: Citywide will happen every Friday night Fall 2014 through 9/26. Then we will meet around once a month for the rest of the year. See the official calendar here.

About us

Cru at BU and Bridges International are all a part of Cru, which is the US ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. You can read our statement of faith here.


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