Fast Facts about Boston Echo:

Location: Boston, MA
Term: May 27, 2017 – Jun 10, 2017
Cost: $999
Length: 2 weeks
Can a student get a job? No
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The Echo summer project is a two week spiritual rollercoaster where doors are opened that allow you to experience God’s love in multiple ways.  You dive right into a community of fellow believers who challenge you and ultimately work alongside you as you discover God’s plan for your life and for your college campus.
 ~ Joelle, Bentley University

Echo was a really great experience that helped me to really grow closer to the Lord. I really enjoyed living in community and even though it was only two weeks I made some great friendships that have continued through the year. It was great that it was all students who go to school in Boston so I can continue to see them and we can continue to grow in the Lord. I also appreciated the wide variety of opportunities from sharing my faith to the old testament survey course to understanding myself and my family I learned so much and grew so much closer to God! 
~Nicole, Framingham State

For me, Echo provided a profound experience of community.  I had never been around a group of people so committed to Christ for so long.  For the first time in my life, I felt comfortable sharing exactly what I thought without filtering it through my fear that people wouldn’t accept me.  We were able to rejoice with each other when we saw God working through our witnessing and share what God was teaching us.  One of the sessions forced me to confront some of the darker aspects of my past, but the love and empathy of my life group turned my brokenness into an opportunity to experience the healing power of God.  Between the times of evangelism, the speakers and the community I grew more during Echo than I have in any 2-week period since I accepted Christ.
~Elizabeth, Brandeis University

Echo was a tremendous experience not only because of the teaching and devotional time, but because I learned how to talk with others about Jesus, and create a comfortable environment in which to share my faith. During the two weeks, some of the greatest experiences I had were several community outreaches in Boston. We handed out water on Boston Commons, and had a community barbecue in Harvard Square. Not only were we able to show God’s love in a practical way, but we were able to communicate the gospel to those who were interested, and pray for people that God cares so deeply about.
~Ethan, Boston University

One of the things that amazed me most about Echo was getting there! You know you’re in for something life altering when God completely arranges your path to get there (internship, place to live for the summer, chance to start internship after Echo, the list goes on). I was reminded of how His ways are higher than mine even before I left to go! My second time on this summer project, I was amazed to experience community and God’s vision for Boston in a whole new way and with deeper realization. I learned even more about myself, my savior, and how to share Him with others! What more could you ask for out of just part of your summer?
~Renee Buck, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Summer project was a great opportunity to learn of new ways of sharing the gospel as well as experience the power of the gospel to draw others to Christ. Through the workshops, I learned a lot about my relationship with God and my family. Echo was also a great opportunity to connect and relate better with Real life staff and students.
~Jermyn, Brandeis University

Before I went to Echo, I thought I had a great relationship with God. Boy, was I wrong. After the first night, I knew that the community was going to be special. I jumped right in and left nothing at the door and I think that’s what made my experience so incredible. Throughout the two weeks God challenged me more than He ever had before. Sure, somethings were harder than others, but I continually trusted God and knew He wouldn’t lead me anywhere He wouldn’t want me to go. Echo was revolutionary and I thank God all the time for such an experience. I am now more well equipped to handle the world not only in a spiritual way, but as a man too. I have the best group of friends walking out of there and we still talk on the Echo Facebook page. I pray that everyone can go to this because the speakers and the events are so life changing that no one will walk out the same person if they truly commit their time to God while they’re there.
~James Motsinger, Babson College

Echo was such a valuable, unforgettable and enjoyable experience! It challenged spiritually me in new ways, developed and expanded my existing knowledge and faith, and transformed my understanding of what it is to live a life dedicated to the Lord. And all in a matter of a couple of weeks of my summer!
~Sophia Gutierrez, Boston University


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