Twelve Questions People Ask about the Christian Faith

Pat McLeod says, ‘When it comes to God and Christianity do you have questions? Nearly everyone does–believers and unbelievers alike. Have you ever wished for a concise, understandable response that will satisfy both the mind and the heart?’ Here’s his response.


The Compass

As legendary discipler Roger Hershey says, a mature disciple is one who walks by faith, communicates their faith, and multiplies their faith. The Compass is a new tool from Centerfield Productions designed to help staff and student discipler’s guide other students through the process of becoming mature disciples.

In addition to over 45 lesson files, The Compass contains a number of other resources including a series of four talks by Roger Hershey on the right reasons, people, components, and content for discipleship.

Discipleship is at the heart of our mission to turn lost students into Christ-centered laborers. The Compass is a tool that can give clarity to discipleship program on your campus and help your disciplers do an excellent job.

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Cru.Comm, short for Crusade Communities, is a small group Bible study curriculum designed with a logical progression, that in the course of 3-4 years, could take a new Christian, ground them in the basics of the faith and grow them into a Christ-centered laborer.

Each of the over 100 studies in Cru.Comm presents classic, transferable Crusade teaching in a way that is easy to use in a dynamic, interactive small group community. Each study comes with leader’s and student guides as well as a companion article.

Cru.Comm enables experienced and inexperienced Bible study leaders to teach the truths that can help transform lost students into Christ-centered laborers.

Username: bostonmetro, password: reallifeboston


Following up a New Believer

When Christ enters the life of a new believer, real change occurs. The new believer is transferred from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of the Son. The gift of new life is imparted through the Spirit, and the power of sin is broken through identification with Christ’s death and resurrection. In Christ, the new believer is entrusted with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. The list of the new realities brought about by this transformation is almost endless.

Life Concepts focuses on providing essential truths and understanding in the context of a growing relationship of love and encouragement. Five foundational concepts are addressed in this series:

  1. Assurance of Salvation
  2. Forgiveness of the Believer
  3. Filling of the Spirit
  4. Walking in the Spirit
  5. Spiritual Growth


Life Group Leader Materials

Here’s a whole bunch of resources about how to lead a life group. Download everything from a leader application to creative icebreakers.


Discipleship Profile

Whether you are a new believer in Jesus Christ or have followed after him for many years, you are a work in progress.

Here are thirty-two skills that we consider essential and—for each skill—a process to build that skill into your life. Identify a skill you are ready to adopt. Pick one from the several workouts listed (beside bullets). And prayerfully dive into its steps with the help of your Life Group and/or with a friend who agrees to help you.

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